About Us

Do you Love Yourself Enough where you're not afraid to Express It?

HeartthrobBrandllc.com is a fun & friendly place where celebrating God, Yourself, & Your Significant Other is Acknowledged & Accepted. Whether you're a Shy person or a Confident person we have something fun for you to express your feelings.
Heartthrob Brand was created to be an outlet for those people who Love God 1st, Loves Themselves, Loves their Significant Other & are Not Afraid of Expressing It. God has brought me through a lot of things in my life, Why Not Express It. Loving Yourself 1st should be a prerequisite to loving someone else, Why Not Express It. Couples that are truly in love with each other, Why Not Express It. If your not afraid of Expressing all of these feelings you're welcome to calling yourself a HEARTTHROB!!! Heartthrob Brand will make it fun to express these emotions with the world through these products.
Wear your Heartthrob Brand gear with pride or gift one of our fun items to a friend or family member!
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